Rio Bites is a gourmet food company specializing in Brazilian bite-sized desserts and hors d’oeuvres. Our premiere line of truffles called “Brigadeiros” are sweet, scrumptious and sensational. Made like fudge, these delicacies are handcrafted with patience and a whole lot of love. As a traditional dessert throughout Brazil, they are a “must have” at every event such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, corporate gatherings, parties, among others. They pair beautifully with coffee, tea, champagne, wine, and everything in between, and are a perfect bite-sized delight for when you need a little sweet treat.

With a heartfelt connection to Brazilian cuisine, the founder, Michelli Luz, born and raised in Florianapolis, a southeast island and coastal town, remembers these treats fondly as her favorite dessert. When she reminisces about her beloved homeland, Brazil, she not only thinks of its beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, and the abundance in culture, but also of these irresistible fudgy treats.

Also founder of Cha Cha Cha Import & Export in 2002, a dba of Global Granite Direct, a natural stone importer and wholesaler she was a co-partner of in 2000, Michelli Luz traveled nationwide selling a glass mosaic line of a special artist colony on Brazil’s north Atlantic coast she had co-partnered with. The artists hand-painted glass mosaic tile pieces using a paint formulation and techniques that were used to create an extraordinary glass mosaic effect that was proprietary and unique, leading to sales at Neiman Marcus, Stanley Korshak, Breed & Co., and many other retailers. She would hand make the fudgy treats and give them as gifts. The idea of opening a Brazilian bite-sized food company came to her when people would take a bite of the truffles and ask if they could buy some. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, leading to the creation of Rio Bites.


What is the History of Brigadeiro?

“Brigadeiro” is the word in Portuguese for Brigadier. The little fudgy treat was named after the Brazilian Air Force brigadier general, Eduardo Gomes, who in 1945 started his presidential campaign.

At that time, the truffles were used to raise funds for the political party. They were well received and soon people were calling friends to eat and share the sweet treat. “Let’s eat the Brigadier’s candy!” they shouted. The bite-sized delights were then named “Brigadeiros.”

Rich Flavors. Big Taste. Handmade with Passion.

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