Are you looking for a way to make a difference at your choice of place and time? It has been the passion of our founder to work with groups and non profit organizations to assist them in their fundraising goals. Join Rio Bites and let’s become passionate together!

Holding fundraisers has become the normal for both public and private groups — parents and community members have come to expect it and even anticipate requests during the year. Pick your day, then host an event, or turn an existing event into a fundraiser (think birthday party, holiday gathering or sporting event). The possibilities for giving are unlimited!

While each Rio Bites fundraising partnership can be unique, they are all designed with one simple premise in mind — Working together to give back. When you work with Rio Bites fundraising, you join our cause and directly support each organization in your community. No matter how little or big the amount, supporting a fundraiser can make a difference to everyone around you.

Please reach out to us via our Contact Page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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